rouzzz wakes you up only when you truly can't sleep any longer.

This project is maintained by gideontong


rouzzz is an alarm clock that acts dynamically, created in order to alert you moments before you are scheduled to leave in order to arrive at calendar events on time based on current and predicted traffic conditions. It’s purpose is to ensure you get the maximum amount of sleep possible.

We are looking into possibly adding additional features, like sleep cycles in the future.

Ensuring Better Sleep

Everyone wants to be able to sleep better at night, but using our app isn’t the only way you can ensure that the quality of your sleep is maximized. In 2007, Harvard released 12 simple tips to improve your sleep, which in summary are:

  1. Avoiding stimulants right before you sleep
  2. Turning your room dark and cool
  3. Soothing yourself and getting a bedtime routine
  4. Starting a consistent sleep schedule
  5. Eating lighter meals and exercising in the morning


This repository is a spin off of the original SDHacks18 app with more file organization, and in the future, more features. You can pull from either repository and submit a pull request to either repository, but the intent of this one is to be more organized so future features can be added.